Handcrafted jewelry and decorative items in sterling silver, copper, & other metals.

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Welcome to Wirestorm Creations.....my little corner of the web.....

A customer once used the words "quirky" and "nifty" to describe my work....it's one of my favorite descriptions. Other than that, I'm not sure how to describe my work to you....rustic, possibly; different and unique, though those are pretty common words. I make what I make because it's what I love to do. Many times I've been told that people can tell when speaking to me about my work that I put my heart & soul into it, and that it shows in my creations....all I know is that I would be very sad if I couldn't create the things I do, and that my customers love my "stuff"!! Ken Follett's book "Pillars of the Earth" had a line in it that really hit home when I read it: "....a passion, a skill, an art, and a way of life...." It's how I live...what I do is an intrinsic part of who I am.

All of my jewelry and decorative items are crafted by me using only my hands, a small assortment of tools, and lots of different materials. Most of my jewelry is made with Sterling Silver or Copper; sometimes I use Brass or Bronze, Nickel, Aluminum, Steel, or Gold Fill. I use vintage silverplate flatware...spoons, forks, knives, in both jewelry and decorative items such as spoon chimes and ornaments. I use steel horseshoe nails for jewelry. Hardware and empty bullet shell casings, too. Basically, any "found object" made of metal is sure to catch my eye and be saved for some future use. I use wire...sheet metal....cold connections...soldering....I add beads here and there....but mostly my obsession is metal, anything metal :)

I sell my creations here on my website ~ I have an Etsy shop ~ many different festivals ~ a handful of retail locations ~ Ebay ~ and wholesale. If you are interested in carrying my work, please contact me for wholesale pricing.

Take a look around, it's the best way to get to know my work. I hope you find something that you'll love to own as much as I loved creating it.

Upcoming News ~ Festivals

December 17, 2014: Happy Holidays! It's that time of year, again. Unbelievably. Please take the time to order early....the sooner you order, the sooner I can ship to you....and at the moment I'm pretty much working non-stop to get your orders finished and shipped.

All orders placed this week will ship by Friday, December 19, via USPS Priority Mail. According to USPS, priority mail shipping takes 1 to 3 business days, depending on your location, to arrive to US addresses, so still plenty of time to order!


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Did you know...2014 is the "Year of the Horse" in the Chinese zodiac...think:

*horseshoe nail jewelry* !!!

Copper Bear Ornament, Garrett County, Md
Copper Stinkbug Ornament
Copper Romanov Byzantine "Bird's Nest" Chain Maille Earrings
Horseshoe Nail Guardian Angel Ornament
Steel Lock Washer Bracelet with Sterling & Bronze Links
Sterling Silver Cross Earrings
Copper Coffee Mug/Tea Cup Ornament
Coin Flower Pendants
"Lucky Cricket" crafted from a recycled fork
Swan Pendant, Sterling or Copper
Fork Snail
Copper Romanov Byzantine Bracelet ("Bird's Nest"
Jingle Knife Handle Pendants
Copper Sideways Cross Bracelet
Spoon Reindeer Little Buck Deer Ornament
Stacked Sterling Discs w/ Copper Accents
Sterling Mother & Child Pendants, choice of 1, 2, or 3 children.
Horseshoe Nail "Lucky Horseshoe" Pendant
Steelers wire written copper circle ornament with Czech Firepolish bead accents
Aluminum Bookmark
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