Cement Textured Oval Center Misc. Links Bracelet

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Cement Textured Oval Center Misc. Links Bracelet


Mostly sterling with just a few copper accents, (a few links, the lobster clasp, & my CP tag). Center solid oval and the open oval links have been "cement textured": That means after making the oval, which I've done by melting sterling, putting it through my rolling mill quite a few times - I then hammer it, and the open links I've made, front and back, on a cement block, to make an interesting, rustic kind of texture. Bar links are hammered on the ends but smoother in the middle.  

Some links are curved slightly to comfortably fit the shape of your wrist. 

Measures approx. 7 to 7 1/2 inches in length...if you need it longer, just ask, I can always add a few extra links.