Fairy House Whimsy World

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Fairy House Whimsy World


 I'm calling these "Whimsy Worlds", little miniature scenes that I craft one part at a time. I love seeing how they turn out, each one is crafted as I go along,  making all the parts and figuring out where to put each component so it's balanced and pleasing to look at. 

This Fairy House Micro Scene features:

  • Bottom/base is the "eating part" of a vintage silverplate spoon.  
  • Fairy house is made from a hollow portion of a vintage silverplate knife handle. 
  • Copper flowers, mushrooms, butterfly.
  • Shell, wood, pebble, artificial "railroad grass" accents.
  • All metal parts are soldered, non-metal parts are glued securely.
  • Measures approx. 2 1/2 inches across base, approx. 3 inches high. 

Perfectly sized for a window sill or shadow box, a shelf, curio cabinet, desk....anywhere you need a bit of whimsy to make you smile.