Political Pennies - Zipper Pull, Key ring accent, Pendant.

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Political Pennies - Zipper Pull, Key ring accent, Pendant.


I did a thing: 

I've always done inspirational word stamped pennies as zipper pulls for my in-person events. I was restocking, and remember a friend's FB post about "love, hope, light" from Biden's speech. So I decided to make her a penny with those words. She asked for more. She asked for "Biden-Harris 2020". I made some extra. My customers like them. And yes, I'm offering Trump pennies also. Because everyone has their own choice. (but so far in my un-scientific-ness, Biden-Harris pennies are more popular :)

Letter stamped pennies, on various years - I've not actually come across a 2020-dated penny yet this year, and I have a ton of other years. So I use what I have available. Each penny is letter stamped one at a time, so word placement can vary somewhat. Zipper pull clip.

Choices are:

~ love hope light

~biden harris 2020

~vote 2020

~make america great again

~trump 2020 maga


 So. Pick your penny. Pick your Party. Spread the word. Vote. 2020. Have some fun. Be well.

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