Twisted Ornament Hooks, 2", Set of 12. Choice of Red-White, Red-Green, or Silver-Gold.

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Twisted Ornament Hooks, 2", Set of 12. Choice of Red-White, Red-Green, or Silver-Gold.


Set of 12. 

Twisted bi-color ornament hooks, in no-doubt-about-it Christmas Holiday colors. Each measures approx. 2" tall.  Made from two,18 gauge color-coated copper wires, twisted together and then formed into a simple S-style hook. 

Your choice of red & white, red & green, or silver & gold.

Crafted in either brass (gold color), or color coated copper wire (silver, red, green,). 

Upside down or right side up, there's no right way or wrong way to use my hooks....just your preference and the way they fit your particular ornaments and tree.

My handcrafted ornament hooks are a beautiful way to showcase your holiday ornaments, whether they're collectible, vintage, or just "plain and simple".  Any ornament will look extra special. Just the right length for most trees, not too long.....accent your ornaments elegantly without overpowering or outshining them. 


PERFECT for wedding trees as well as Holiday displays !!!


I can do almost any quantity....larger orders will take a bit longer before shipment. 

...remember, I'm one person with two hands making your hooks, right here in the USA! (that's a good thing...but order ahead if you can!!!)

Please allow up to 1 week for shipment of your Ornament Hooks around the Holiday season...while I try to keep them in stock, remember, these are all handcrafted by ME...and I'm only one person with 2 hands!!! Sometimes around the holidays things get keep this in mind and order early if at all possible...especially if purchasing multiple sets. Though I do strive for accuracy in size and shape, please allow for slight variations due to the hand made nature of my ornament hooks.


All sizes of ornament hooks that I offer will look great on all trees. While larger hooks may look better proportionally on larger trees, and small hooks on smaller trees, it all depends on the look you are going for, and what size/thickness your branches are.
All ornament hooks come in sets of 12...that's one dozen!! If you think you want a hook sized either larger or smaller than those offered....ask!!! I've done all sorts of custom sizes, from teeny tiny, to very large....I'm always open to custom orders. Same for colors...if you have a need for a particular color, I'll see what I can do.

And YES, there ARE a lot of other ornament hooks out there...many of them beaded and fancy, I've made them myself at times, but I think the styles I offer, all metal, are "simply" the best. My hooks elegantly and SIMPLY add to the beauty of your ornaments and your Holiday tree, without overpowering either. My ornament hooks are not extra long....this is a consideration when you have a thicker/fuller tree...will your ornaments hang nicely down, or will they kind of just lay up against the branches? Whichever size ornament hook you choose....or whichever combination....I think you'll be happy with how they look.

Wholesale inquiries, email for pricing...and order as early as possible.