Bullet Shell Casing Motorcycle Good Luck Bell

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Bullet Shell Casing Motorcycle Good Luck Bell


I kind of impressed myself making this...it was a customer request, and I had my doubts as to how it would turn out....or whether it would make a nice ringing sound....and it came out incredibly AWESOME!!!...the customer loved it, and well, of course, my husband HAD to have one ("cuz it's made with love, Hunny", he told me :)....so now I'm offering it here for you all......

My bell is hand crafted from portions of an empty brass bullet shell casing, and makes a lovely little bell sound.

Each one is hand made, to order, and SHELL CASINGS USED MAY VARY, ALONG WITH SIZING AND SHAPE. All are approx. the same size but may look slightly different than the photos due to being hand made one at a time. All measure approx. 1 1/4 inch from top of loop to bottom of bell...due to the hand made nature of this item it's hard to give exact dimensions...all connections are made securely so that your bell doesn't get lost.

>>>>>>>You know your favorite Biker will want one of these!

>>>>>>>for anyone who wants a little good luck bell

>>>>>>>and it looks rather pretty hanging on a Christmas tree!!!

....a bell attached to your motorcycle is said to bring good luck and protection for riders on a road trip. There are lots of versions of this legend...if you google "motorcycle bell" or "good luck bell" you're sure to come cross lots of different variations on the story...

Ride safe!