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July 3, 2020: Happy Independence Day /weekend!

Summertime means it's Mountain Fresh Farmer's Market season!!! Hope to see you soon...see below for dates/times/links. It really good to be back at market, makes for an almost normal-ish feeling, in a smiling-under-my-mask kind of way :) I did a lot of reworking my website this spring, and have been getting up a lot more of my newer work thanks to this new format I've been using. It's still (always!) a work in progress, so keep checking back: I never stop creating new stuff, #It'sWhatIDo #LifeIsArtIsLife. Take a look around, get to know me & my work. If you haven't met me or seen my work in person, definitely check out my "events" list below. This crazy Covid-19 time has things a little muddled, but as soon as I know where I'll be and when...I'll let you know. I love my customers, "real-live" and "virtual/online". Every sale means a lot, because that means you've trusted me to provide something wonderful from my heart & hands. 

You can purchase right HERE in my online shop or just click the "shop" button up in the navigation bar. 

If you're looking for my ornament hooks, they're right here!


2020 Events:

Mountain Fresh Farmer's Market: Weds & Sats, 10am-1pm, thru the end of October! Oakland, MD Town Parking Lot, under the Pavilion. Covid-19 procedures are in place, please visit the Mountain Fresh site or their FB page for more info. Hope to see you!


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