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Copper Stink Bug Plant Stake, Shield Bug Garden Decoration

Copper Stink Bug Plant Stake, Shield Bug Garden Decoration

It's a Pittsburgh thing, sorta-kinda....but I've sent my stink bugs all over the world.

Officially called the "brown marmorated stink bug", these critters apparently invaded the area quite awhile back. After finding them in all kinds of hidey holes...or just out in plain sight, I figured, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...or at least make a cuter version :)


Anyhow, new idea on these, I've added a stake to make them ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for hiding in plain site right in your house plant or container garden.....or as a little unexpected accent in your patio/flower garden!

Hand made, of course, from copper, with a flame patina that means each stinkbug will have it's own unique coloring.

Stinkbug measures approx. 3 inches including legs, , total height of plant stake is approx. 11 inches tall.

Each plant decoration is made to order upon purchase....though I strive to make them very, very similar to my photos, please be aware that there CAN BE VARIATIONS IN PATINA COLORING, SIZE, SHAPE.

I think EVERYONE needs a stink bug, preferably one that doesn't actually smell....but looks very, very cool!