Horseshoe Nail Infinity Squiggle Pendant Necklace

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Horseshoe Nail Infinity Squiggle Pendant Necklace


Horseshoe nail pendant in the shape of a vertical infinity sign; a squiggle/wavy design. I've used 2 horseshoe nails bent & curled, then soldered them together and added a sterling silver loop.

Pendant measures approximately 3/4 inch and comes on a black leather cord necklace.

Very simple and smaller than my other horseshoe nail pendants....perfect if you want a more petite look.


Horseshoe nails are made of steel....they can and will patina dark over time and with wear....don't worry, it looks really pretty this way! Keeping your horseshoe nail jewelry from getting wet will help delay the patina process...if your horseshoe nail jewelry does get wet, just dry thoroughly and use a small piece of fine steel wool to keep it bright if need be.