Pretzel Necklace

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Pretzel Necklace


Snacks, anyone? I LOVE pretzels....especially sourdough and sesame seed covered soft hunny recently said, "why don't you try to make a pretzel in wire?" yesterday I sat down at my workbench to try one. Let me tell you, making a pretzel shape in wire is not the easiest task....not hard, but a bit more difficult that I thought it would be (wire isn't quite as flexible as dough!) After a few additions to the scrap pile....and eating a few of my sourdough "models".....I made THIS:

Formed in sterling silver or copper, pretzel pendant measures approx. 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch, give or take a bit, with "dots" stamped in for the "salt".

Comes on a black leather cord necklace.