Sophie Earrings

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Sophie Earrings


So, I call these "Sophie earrings" - I don't usually name my jewelry, just because it's not my "thing" to do. But the summer of 2019 my daughter Sophie got off the plane from college, and was wearing these earrings. I'd completely forgotten I'd made them for her somewhere along the way. Anyhow, I thought, "oh, those are really nice" (haha) and remade them to sell....more than once, as it turned out. These earrings were one of my most popular styles that summer. Hence, they have a name!

Open sterling circles with a bit of a hammered texture, combined with solid copper discs with a concave shape. Inside the disc, I use a "dandelion fluff" metal stamp for a print/texture. Some people think the stamping looks like a dandelion, but some think it looks like Queen Anne's lace. Either way, it's really pretty and summery and classic.

Sterling earwires. Top of earwire to bottom of earring = 1 1/8 inch, widest point is 5/8 inch.