Square-Shaped Horseshoe Nail Equestrian Earrings

...artisan made jewelry, ornaments, & decorative works by Connie Pardini...

Square-Shaped Horseshoe Nail Equestrian Earrings


Squared earrings, done from genuine horseshoe nails, in either a bare steel finish or a copper-coated steel finish.

Both have sterling silver earwires.


Horseshoe nails are made of steel....they can and will patina dark over time and with wear....don't worry, it looks really pretty this way! Keeping your horseshoe nail jewelry from getting wet will help delay the patina process...if your horseshoe nail jewelry does get wet, just dry thoroughly and use a small piece of fine steel wool to keep it bright if need be....otherwise, just let it do its thing :)

>>>>The copper coated nails, over time, and with heavy wear, some of this coating will most likely wear off. When I brought these home....the first thing I did was take a wire brush and a sander to a few, just to experiment. It'll probably take awhile for the copper to wear off completely....BUT, I can only see this as a patina kind of thing, with the copper wearing, and the steel coming through and then darkening as it does with wear, and all of it coming together over time for it's own individual look. That being said, I'm thinking the copper will last a bit longer on earrings since they're probably not going to be banged around a lot!