Triskelion Necklace

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Triskelion Necklace


I'm becoming rather obsessed with this shape. Whether you call it a triskelion, flow of life, triple spiral, or any of the other associated words - I only recently learned of "trinacria", while researching some images I thought I'd take the triskelion I do in horseshoe nails (see my other listings if you want to see those), and try it in copper and/or sterling. Which I've done, and you can choose either all copper, or copper and sterling. I've added some leaves to the shape, and really like how this has turned much so that I made one for myself.

Pendant measures approx. 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 inch /diameter...give or take a bit as each one has been hand made individually.

Choice of sterling silver & copper (sterling swirls + copper leaves), or flame patinaed copper.

Comes on an 18" stainless steel chain. .